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Washington Aviation Group Training

The Washington Aviation Group provides training in areas like aviation safety regulations, legal compliance, and hazardous materials shipping. We are happy to put together a training program that meets your business' needs.

We love designing courses that meet our clients' specific needs, and are happy to develop and teach a one-off class, or to develop class materials for reuse by your staff.

For courses meeting the appropriate standards, we have obtained FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) approval and/or State CLE approval, and we can obtain such approval for courses that we deliver to you, on request.

Here is a partial list of some of the classes we have taught in the past, and that we can make available for your organization:

Classes Related to FAA Compliance
How are Parts Approved under the FAA System?
How to Get a PMA under the FAA System
Aircraft Parts Documentation Standards
Keeping Your Part 145 Certificate
Understanding Maintenance Rules (Domestic and International)
Safety Management Systems

Classes Related to Aviation Safety
Safety Management Systems Under the ICAO Norms
Aviation Hazard Identification Mechanisms
Aviation Safety Risk Assessment
Aviation Safety Risk Mitigation Strategies

Classes Related to Receiving Aircraft Parts
Counterfeit Parts
Approved and Unapproved Parts
U.S. Import Compliance
U.S. Import Tariff Classification for Aircraft Parts
Documentation: 8130-3 Tags, EASA Form 1, and TCCA Form One, oh my!

Classes Related to Shipping Aircraft Parts
Hazardous Materials Shipping
Hazardous Materials Recognition
Holding and Shipping Small Explosives, Like Aircraft Squibs
U.S. Export Compliance [including regulations issued by OFAC (Treasury regs), DDTC (ITAR) and BIS (EARs)]
Supporting Your AOG Customers: Using U.S. Export Licensing Exceptions When Shipping Aircraft Parts
Due Diligence When Vetting Customers

Classes Related to Commercial Activities
Using Your Commercial Documents to Protect Your Right to Get Paid
Protecting your Intellectual Property
Building a System to Prevent Intellectual Property Infringement
Understanding the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Using it to Your Commercial Advantage (US)
Understanding the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and Using it to Your Commercial Advantage (for non-US transactions)
Recognizing and Addressing Anticompetitive Behavior

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