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Sample Presentations

2019-08-12 Import Law for Aviation Professionals (Air Carrier Purchasing Conference)

2019-05-10 Aircraft Parts Distribution Regulations and ASA-100 Quality Standards (Zhengzou University of Aeronautics)

2018-11-27 Aircraft Parts in the Global Marketplace (Tokyo Industrial Research Institute)

Partial Publications List for Jason Dickstein (most recent at the bottom)

Edited and wrote the Aviation Supplier’s Association’s Newsletter, The Update Report, from 1997 to 2015.

Edited and wrote substantial portions of the Modification and Replacement Parts Association’s Newsletter, The MARPA Supplement, from 2007 to the present.

US Proposes to Regulate Foreign Trade in Non-U.S. Avionics, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2009, at 34.

Commerce Department Licensing Exceptions Vary for Exporting Avionics, AVIONICS NEWS, February 2009, at 66.

Asserting an Aircraft Mechanic’s Lien: One Way to (Finally) Get Paid, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2009, at 66.

Yes, You Are Responsible for A&P Mechanics, AVIONICS NEWS, April 2009, at 66

Next Gen Implementation Means New Avionics Paradigms, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2009, at 58.

Traceability: Do you Need It?, AVIONICS NEWS, June 2009, at 66.

Impending Parts Rules from U.S., EASA Could Impact Repair Stations, AVIONICS NEWS, July 2009, at 58.

House Bill on Energy and Emissions Could Impact General Aviation, AVIONICS NEWS, August 2009, at 58.

Global Changes for Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2009, at 58.

Recordkeeping is an Important Function for Every Repair Station, AVIONICS NEWS, October 2009, at 56.

Is Your FAA Inspector Asking for Hazmat Compliance?, AVIONICS NEWS, November 2009, at 66.

FAA Releases New Manufacturing Rule Impacting Distributors, AVIONICS NEWS, December 2009, at 50.

Exporting Avionics from the United States to Canada, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2010, at 34.

Can FAA’s Acceptable Methods Be Used in Lieu of Manufacturer’s Manual Provisions?, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2010, at 66.

Aviation Industry is No Stranger to an Interdependent Global Society, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2010, at 64.

ADS-B and NextGen Gaining Momentum, AVIONICS NEWS, July 2010, at 34.

International Debate Rages Concerning Availability of Maintenance Manuals, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2010, at 52.

Always Get the Advice in Writing, AVIONICS NEWS, November 2010, at 66.

Customer Communications Enhance Value, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2011, at 34.

Pay Attention to Those Rosters, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2011, at 76.

Burden Falls on Industry to Promote Exports, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April/May 2011, at 42.

FAA Revisits Repair Station Drug-Test Rule, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2011, at 70.

New US-EC Agreement Affecting Aircraft Parts, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, June/July 2011, at 48.

Be Wary of Batteries, AVIONICS NEWS, July 2011, at 66.

Keeping the Lights On at the FAA, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2011, at 60.

Traceability: Not a US Requirement But Certainly a Good Idea, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October/November 2011, at 52.

Employee Handbooks, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2012, at 62.

Operations and Procedures Handbooks, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2012, at 70.

Why Won’t My DAR Issue An 8130-3 For My Part?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April/May 2012, at 60.

Counterfeit Electronics Parts, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2012, at 60.

Interpreting The Term “Partial Repair”, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October/November 2012, at 66.

The Importance of Participation, AVIONICS NEWS, November 2012, at 62.

Contract Maintenance NPRM, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, December 2012/January 2013, at 42.

International Maintenance Manual Rules: In the Works, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2013, at 64.

Hidden Hazmats in Aircraft Parts- Are You Protected?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, February/March 2013, at 36.

The FAA’s Proposed Contract Maintenance Rule Needs Work, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2013, at 64.

The Parts Traceability Puzzle, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April 2013, at 42.

Forms of Liens Useful to Repair Stations, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2013, at 76.

Filing a Lien, AVIONICS NEWS, June 2013, at 78.

New US Export Rules Provide Clearer Guidance to the Aerospace Community, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, June/July 2013, at 48.

What Happens to your Lien if an Aircraft Registration Expires?, AVIONICS NEWS, July 2013, at 78.

Collecting on your Lien, AVIONICS NEWS, August 2013, at 66.

Could You Approve Your Own Data?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, August/September 2013, at 88.

Are Your Parts Approved?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October 2013, at 56.

Avionics Repair Stations and Electronic Signatures, AVIONICS NEWS, October 2013, at 66.

Continued Operational Safety: What Should You Be Looking For?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, December 2013/January 2014, at 56.

Changes to U.S. Export Regulations, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2014, at 60.

Are You Ready for Tomorrow?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, February/March 2014, at 38.

Q&A: The TSA Repair Station Security Rule, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2014, at 64.

New Issues In Repair Station Security, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April 2014, at 52.

The Shifting FAA Paradigm of ‘Design Organization’, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2014, at 68.

FAA-Approve Parts: What Does This Mean?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, June/July 2014, at 46.

A Supreme Court Case Could Dictate Just How Arbitrary the Law Can Be, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2014, at 52.

Could Aircraft Parts Bring The US and Iran Back Together?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October 2014, at 50.

Using the Right Tools, Equipment and Test Apparatus, AVIONICS NEWS, November 2014, at 62.

Aerospace Export Basics for the New Year, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, December 2014/January 2015, at 56.

Tips on Buying and Selling a Repair Station, AVIONICS NEWS, January 2015, at 56.

PMAs:Safety, Availability, Savings. But They Still Can’t Cure the Smart-ass Dad, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, February/March 2015, at 38.

Repair Station Process Management: Part 1 of 2, AVIONICS NEWS, March 2015, at 62.

Repair Station Process Management: Part 2 of 2, AVIONICS NEWS, May 2015, at 32.

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness – Are You Getting All the Right Data?, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, August/September 2015, at 60.

Exporting a Component After a Repair, AVIONICS NEWS, September 2015, at 56.

State-Level Proprietary Rights Do Not Trump Aviation Safety, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October/November 2015, at 48.

New Partners: Iran and Cuba?, AVIONICS NEWS, November 2015, at 64.

Transferring TSO’d Equipment Between the U.S. and Europe/Canada, AVIONICS NEWS, February 2016, at 56.

You’ve Got To Fight For Your Right To PMA-ty, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April 2016, at 64.

There is A Lot Going on with Documentation!, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, June/July 2016, at 46.

FAA 8130-3: Making Export Tags Look Like Domestic Tags, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, August/September 2016, at 52.

The Next Generation of FAA Oversight, AVIONICS NEWS, October 2016, at 60.

8130-3 Tags on Your Parts, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October/November 2016, at 46.

Self-Disclosure as a Safety Strategy, AVIONICS NEWS, December 2016, at 54.

Examine the Maintenance Annex to Understand the Responsibilities of a US/EU Dual-certified Repair Station, AVIONICS NEWS, February 2017, at 64.

How Could FAA Manufacturing Changes Affect Repair Stations?, AVIONICS NEWS, April 2017, at 58.

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves, AVIONICS NEWS, June 2017, at 40.

FAA Acts to Preserve your Repair Station’s Rights!, AVIONICS NEWS, October 2017, at 72.

FAA Agrees to Limit US Exports to China; and They Admit That They Did It for Non-Safety Reasons, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, December 2017, at 50.

Look Carefully at that Paperwork!, AVIONICS NEWS, December 2017, at 62.

Getting Closure When You Ship Aircraft Parts, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, February/March 2018, at 42.

The Documentation Puzzle, AVIONICS NEWS, April 2018, at 64.

Optimism on Aviation Trade with China, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, April 9, 2018

Electronic Records, Traceability, and the FAA’s Efforts to Get Out of Its Own Way, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, July 7, 2018

Brexit and AEA’s Membership: Surviving Under the Latest Guidance, AVIONICS NEWS, August 2018, at 40.

Incidents, Accidents, Turbulence and Parts Disclosures, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, September 2018, at 50.

Accepting Foreign Airworthiness Directives- A More Dramatic Change Than It Might Appear, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, October/November 2018, at 48.

Balancing Cooperation and Control in an FAA Audit, AVIONICS NEWS, December 2018, at 56.

The Global Future of Maintenance, AVIONICS NEWS, February 2019, at 50.

New Part 145 Requirements for Supplier Evaluation, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, May 15, 2019.

Traceability, Evidence, and Trust in the Aircraft Parts Industry, AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE, September 28, 2019.

SMS - What Makes it Useful?  Part One: Hazard Identification, 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #1, January 10, 2020, at 48.

New Paid Leave Laws, and a New Payroll Tax Credit, 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #2, March 31, 2020, at 40.

SMS: Making It Useful Part Two Risk Assessment and Likelihood, 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #3, May 16, 2020.

SMS: Making It Useful Part Three Risk Consequence, 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #4, July 19, 2020 at 48.

Correlating Risk Consequence and Likelihood (SMS Part Four), 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #5, Autumn/Fall 2020 at 48.

Customer Bankruptcies: Protect Your Right to Get Paid, 39 AVIATION MAINTENANCE MAGAZINE #6, Winter 2020 at 48.

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