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Hazardous Materials Transportation Training
Standard Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to any person and/or company who registers for, or plans to attend, a Washington Aviation Group Hazardous Materials Training Class ("Class").

The following definitions apply throughout this document:


Each of the following constitutes registration for a Class:

No other mechanism shall constitute registration for a Class unless that mechanism has been accepted by the Washington Aviation Group, in writing.


Students are expected to arrive on time to the class, and to be present for all class sessions;
When the class is delivered through an electronic medium, each student is expected to be logged-in so that each student can view the materials, and so each student can hear the audio, at all times when relevant class materials are being covered;
Students must respect the rights of other students;
Students will be provided with class materials appropriate to permit them to complete the study of hazardous materials as well as to permit them to safely ship hazardous materials in compliance with the law, but the Registrant or Student may be instructed to obtain additional materials at his or her own expense (for expensive items like IATA books, this helps to avoid unnecessary duplication); If the course advises the Registrant or Student that the Student must obtain his or her own materials, then it will be solely the responsibility of the Student to obtain those materials; this includes the requirement to download materials that the Registrant or Student is instructed to download.


By registering for a class, Registrant promises to pay for the class or classes for which registration is made.
Where payment is promised no behalf of a Corporate Entity, Registrant warrants that he/she has the authority to bind the Corporate Entity to pay for training.
Registrant warrants that he/she, and/or the Corporate Entity, jointly and severally, will pay the registration fees for the classes for which they have registered.


Once registration is accomplished, there are no refunds, but if a student is unable to attend a scheduled class, then Registrant may:

Substitute another student (we request that Registrant inform us about the planned substitution at the earliest opportunity); or
Apply the payment to sending the student to another class scheduled within 6 months before or after the original class - When applying a credit, the student must register for the make-up class through the normal mechanism, and the prior payment (or a portion thereof) will be used against the future class; the following table describes the amount of the payment that will carry-over to the subsequent class.

Date when Registrant or Student notifies WAG that Student will not attend the scheduled class:

Amount of payment from original class that may be used as a credit toward another Class:

At least one week before scheduled class (normal registration deadline)

Credit = 100 percent of prior payment

At least 96 hours before scheduled class

Credit = 100 percent of prior payment minus a fee of $100*

96 hours before scheduled class or later

Credit = 100 percent of prior payment minus a fee of $200*


A Class may be cancelled due to forces beyond WAG's control, such as terrorist activity, natural disaster, failure of transportation, etc.;
WAG reserves the right to reschedule a Class if fewer than six persons Register for the Class;
Cancellation or rescheduling of a Class is unlikely, but if something prevents a Class from being held, then WAG will contact each Registrant, and will make best efforts to reschedule the Class to a mutually convenient time and place.


Any agreement that references these terms and conditions is considered to be made in the District of Columbia.
If WAG takes collection action in order to secure payment for a debt that is owed related to a Registration for a Class, then Registrant and the Registrant's Corporate Entity, jointly and severally, shall be responsible for all collection costs, including but not limited to attorneys fees and costs (including time expended by WAG attorneys at the fees normally charged for outside legal work), as well as the original debt plus interest accruing from the time of Registration at an annual rate of twenty-four percent.
In the event that WAG or a Registrant, student or corporate entity brings suit to enforce any clause of this document, or any agreement that references this document, then suit shall be brought in a court within the District of Columbia and all parties agree to be subject to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such a forum.

These Terms and Conditions Were Updated on February 1, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.

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